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The Apple IIc Owner's Manual introduces you to the Apple IIc

computer and helps you learn basic computer concepts and skills.

Read that manual first, then come here to read about the

enhancements to your new Apple IIc.

  A new feature


Your Apple IIc has a new feature.  You can now increase your

Apple IIc's performance capabilities by adding up to 1 megabyte of

extra memory to your Apple IIc.


Your new Apple IIc comes with a standard 128K memory

capacityjust like original models.  But with the new Apple IIc, you

can add memory by having your authorized Apple dealer install an

Apple IIc Memory Expansion Card.  The memory expansion card

lets you add extra random-access memory in increments of 256K,

up to a maximum of 1 megabyte.


Here are a few of the ways you can use the additional memory on the

memory expansion card:



You can run sophisticated application programs that take

advantage of the memory expansion card's extra memory.  For

example, a new version of AppleWorksTM (version 2.0)

automatically loads itself onto the memory expansion card and

uses its extra memory for space on the AppleWorks Desktop.

You can copy application programs like Apple WriterTM II or

Apple AccessTM II onto the memory expansion card.  This makes

your programs start up and run faster.


You can temporarily store data on your memory expansion

card.  This is particularly useful when you have more than one

program that uses the same data, or if you refer to certain data



Your authorized Apple dealer will install the memory expansion

card for you.  See you dealer for more details.

  Changes to the Apple IIc  


Increasing the memory capabilities of the Apple IIc required some

technical changes that may affect how some software runs on your

new Apple IIc.  Most software for the Apple IIc should be completely

unaffected by the changes.  (A few programs may list the Apple IIc

Memory Expansion Card as an option even when you don't have a

card installed.  In such cases, just ignore that option.)


When buying new software, ask your dealer if it runs on a new

Apple IIc.  If you are using older software, try it on the new

Apple IIc.  If it doesn't work, contact your authorized Apple dealer

or the software manufacturer to see whether there is an updated

version of the program.  Software manufacturers routinely update

their application programs to take advantage of new features.

Updated versions may already be available for the new Apple IIc.



By the way:  If you need more complete technical information

about the Apple IIc, read the Apple IIc Technical Reference

Manual.  If you need more information about the memory

expansion card, read the Apple IIc Memory Expansion Card

Owner's Guide.


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    Apple IIc Packing List (June 1986 USA)


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